Why should you get a custom site? Because using the free template sites that are out there make you look like a cheap street walker not a classy escort. Sure those sites you can save yourself some money upfront but in the long run they hurt your business. You're telling your clients you don't care about how they see you, your website is an extension of yourself...or at least it should be.

Again those sites don't help your business, they hurt it.

Here are 7 different girls sites and they look EXACTLY the same as each other. Sites 1, 2 & 3 have all of the same graphics on them.
Sites 4 & 5 have the same "standard layout" to them as do sites 6, 7 & 8.

The girls who own these sites don't offer the same service so why do their sites look the same? Using a template site is one step above walking the "track" there is no style or finesse to these sites.

At Dark Dreams Designs we respect our client's privacy and our portfolio is private if you would like to view our portfolio then plese contact us at the email below.

No escort ever became an elite escort using these template sites. If you want to be an elite escort and take your business to the next level then contact one of our sales reps today.

In 2006 Dark Dreams Designs was the first Image and Marking Consultant Company for Adult Entertainers in the country.

We offer our clients everything from web design and maintenance to business cards and photo editing.

We are fast, affordable and high quality.


Basic Site: $350.00
Disclaimer page, main page with embedded gallery. Custom graphics and limited photo editing.

Advance Site: $450.00
Disclaimer page, main page, 1 gallery page, contact page, calendar page and additional photo editing.

Executive Site: $600.00
Disclaimer page, main page, multi page gallery, email contact form, calendar page, photo editing, additional graphic design, 3 months upkeep.